A Handful of Oscar 2017 Winners and Nominees


It’s been six months since this year’s Oscars were awarded, so naturally that’s a good time to discuss a few nominated movies. Welcome to The Story Burrow, where topical is considered a very relative concept.

In full movie award season I checked out all the Academy Award Nominees and, as always, I found a few I wanted to watch. Now, months later, I can finally say that I’ve seen most of the ones I had in mind. Well, more than half. I haven’t gotten around to watching Fences, with the marvellous Viola Davis, and Manchester By The Sea yet.

I’ve seen La La Land – again relatively – soon before it was rather awkwardly awarded the Oscar for Best Picture for about five minutes, before it was given to the rightful winner Moonlight. What a slip up that was.

If I remember correctly, I wasn’t particularly looking forward to seeing La La Land. Weirdly enough, since I did like Mamma Mia! and Glee, so it isn’t like I dislike musical movies. My initial doubts were probably due to my bad experience with Into The Woods and the fact that La La Land very much seemed like two hours of self-praise for Hollywood.

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