Birthday Book Haul #1

Sometimes I envy book bloggers and book tubers who can do book hauls every single month, but then I remember that a lot of the books they acquire are ARCs. They are nice to get, obviously, but they arrive with the obligation of having to read them fairly soon. Probably wouldn’t work for me, unless it’s a book I really wanted anyway.
Either way, a monthly book haul wouldn’t do me very good, since I would:

A. Run out of money in no time
B. Increase my TBR pile even more (and it’s already taking threatening proportions)
C. Be forced to move to a bigger house (and more importantly: a bigger library. Yes, priorities.)

So usually I end up buying just a few books per year. That is, aside from special occasions like my birthday, Christmas and holidays. Over the years, trips to the UK (mostly London) have evolved into book shopping vacations.

As the title suggests, I recently celebrated my birthday. Well, it’s been a month now, but I had to wait for a few books I’d ordered. There’s a lot to show, since I spent quite a bit and Boyfriend has been extremely generous. Let’s jump right into it, shall we?

Credits: Elliot Hyland

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London Book Haul #1

I enjoy adding exciting new books to my collection, but unlike many booktubers and bookbloggers I buy way too little books to be doing book haul posts on a regular basis. Usually I buy a few books every two – three months. It’s not much, but given my fairly slow reading speed sufficient to expand my already enormous TBR pile even more.

There’s one exception. Whenever I travel to London, which is usually at least once every two years, I can’t possibly resist all those gorgeous bookshops. It sounds ridiculous to spend so much money on books in London, knowing that I could order them in my own bookshop at a discount. There’s something satisfying about browsing in English bookshops, though. Being able to choose my favourites from thousands of titles, being able to pick them up and flip through them. It feels so much more real and fulfilling than simply ordering one specific title at my own bookshop. That’s also the main reason why I prefer bookshops over online shopping.
And since books are more expensive in Belgium, the reduction I’m denying myself makes little difference anyway.

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