Bird Box by Josh Malerman

18753853Don’t open your eyes. They are out there. They might see you, or worse: you might see them. Even the slightest glimpse might get you killed.
Malorie has managed to survive for over four years, but she’s far from safe. She raises the children indoors. They’ve never been outside, they’ve never even seen the light of day. The doors are locked, the windows nailed shut with mattresses.
Today they must leave the house. Today they will risk everything.

Bird Box is marketed as a horror novel that could be compared to Hitchcock’s The Birds and Stephen King’s most haunting work. Admittedly, there have been worse comparisons. Bird Box definitely has its moments whereby you’re fighting the urge to close your eyes along with the characters, wishing they’ll be okay. And while Stephen King would certainly applaud the level of disturbance, I can’t quite agree that this is the kind of story that will scare the hell out of experienced thriller readers or leave them with sweaty hands. Having said that, the constant terror of some evil you can’t see or hear is unsettling at least. The real fear is to be found in what might be, rather than in what is.

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